Worship begins at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.


While we have returned to in-person worship, a livestream option is also available at  www.facebook.com/streamwoodiucc

Videos remain on our page afterwards to watch at your convenience as well.

You DO NOT need a Facebook account to access livestream or recorded worship.


Here at IUCC, we offer a traditional, yet casual mixture of scripture, preaching, music, and prayer, as well as an interactive time for all ages called Engaging the Word. We provide bulletins for each week's order of service, and also project this information onto large screens at the front of the sanctuary.


Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month. We celebrate an open table, where all are welcome to take communion. Bread and gluten-free crackers, as well as wine and grape juice, are available.


Children are welcome to attend the services. Childcare is also available for infants through preschool age children during worship. The fourth Sunday of every month is also Family Sunday and the youth of IUCC are especially invited to attend and help lead worship.


There is no dress code at IUCC, so come as you are. Our member's attire ranges from suits and dresses to t-shirts and jeans.


The best way to get to know IUCC is to join us for coffee and fellowship after Sunday worship. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you better.


All are welcome here!




The theme for Lent this year is “seeking: honest questions for deeper faith.” From our worship guide:


Lenten scriptures offer us many stories of Jesus encountering people who are seeking, a new  beginning, a different life, a deeper faith. What unfolds is an exchange filled with questions and exploration that can often lead to an unveiling where assumptions are disrupted, a new perspective is revealed, and mystery grows. And so, our Lenten series is founded on questions. 


This Lent, we invite you to engage in the spiritual practice of seeking. We encourage you to stay curious, open, and nimble. We hope you will soften your assumptions and expand your perspectives. We pray that these questions will create a safe space to explore--to be drawn more deeply into the fullness of life, into the heart of God.


February 22 - Ash Wednesday

7:00pm Service - Sanctuary and livestreamed


seeking: Is this the fast that I choose?

As we begin our series, we must examine if our actions match what we profess. As we practice seeking this Lent, what kind of fast will you choose? How will you live your faith? How will you live the questions of your faith?


February 26 - First Sunday in Lent

seeking: Who will you listen to?

In order to engage in the spiritual practice of seeking, we must maintain a posture of listening, staying open and curious. From the onslaught of messaging we receive, we are invited to choose carefully. Faith practices can help us listen and filter what we're hearing to discern God's voice.


March 5 - Second Sunday in Lent

seeking: How do we begin again?

Jesus invites Nicodemus, who holds beliefs that no longer align with the kingdom of God, to begin again, to learn a new way of knowing and living out his faith. In Genesis, God commands Abram and Sarai to leave everything--their home, their family, their land--to seek the land of Canaan and being again. Like Nicodemus, Abram and Sarai, how do we follow God's calling to begin again?


March 12 - Third Sunday in Lent

seeking: Will you give me a drink?

Jesus crosses cultural, religious, and societal boundaries by leading his disciples through Samaria. This week, we might imagine ourselves at the well or in the wilderness. Are we willing to care for our neighbors, seeking to not just quench thirst, but to find living waters that sustain us all? In this season, what are you thirsting for? In what ways are you needing sustenance?


March 19 - Fourth Sunday in Lent

seeking: Who sinned?

When it comes to faith, sometimes there are bad questions--questions that are formed by assumptions, questions that lead us to judgment or isolation. This week, let us pay attention to the questions we ask. What assumptions do we carry? What is our intent? When seeking clarity or understanding, what are better questions we can ask?


March 26 - Fifth Sunday in Lent

seeking: Can these bones live?

When you find yourself in the valley of dry bones, when all hope seems lost, when death and grief surround you, with desperation you might cry out, "Can these bones live?" While we look to God to carry us through the valley, God looks to us to embody hope for others. As we walk through the valley of dry bones that leads us to Calvary Hill, let us seek out the hope that will stir in us and sustain us.


April 2 - Palm Sunday

seeking: Where are you headed?

Many of our weekly questions throughout the season so far have helped us prepare spiritually for Holy Week. Now we examine if our beliefs have changed our behaviors. Has your path changed? In the midst of opposing forces, which way will we go?


April 6 - Maundy Thursday

6:00pm Service - Volkening Hall

seeking: Will you wash my feet?

Like Peter, who initially rejects Jesus' act of love, we may also question if God loves us and will care for us, even at the brink of death. In these final hours, can we seek a posture of trust? Can we allow ourselves to be embraced and loved--by our neighbor and by God? 


April 7 - Good Friday

1:00pm Service

Little Home Church by Wayside

32W128 Army Trail Road

Wayne, IL 60184




April 7 - Good Friday

7:00pm Service - Sanctuary and livestreamed


Immanuel United Church of Christ, Streamwood


April 9 - Easter Sunday

8:00am Sunrise Service - outside, weather permitting

9:00am Service - Sanctuary and livestreamed



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