Worship begins at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.


Here at IUCC, we offer a traditional, yet casual mixture of scripture, preaching, music, and prayer, as well as an interactive time for all ages through Engaging the Word. We provide bulletins for each week's order of service, and also project this information onto large screens at the front of the sanctuary.


While we have returned to in-person worship, a livestream option is still available at  www.facebook.com/streamwoodiucc

Videos remain on our page afterwards to watch at your convenience as well. You DO NOT need a Facebook account to access livestream or recorded worship.


Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month. We celebrate an open table, where all are welcome to take communion. Bread and gluten-free crackers, as well as wine and grape juice, are available.


Children are welcome to attend the services. Childcare is also available for infants through preschool age children during worship. The fourth Sunday of every month is also Family Sunday and the youth of IUCC are especially invited to attend and help lead worship.


There is no dress code at IUCC, so come as you are. Our member's attire ranges from suits and dresses to t-shirts and occasionally pajama pants.


The best way to get to know IUCC is to join us for coffee and fellowship after Sunday worship. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you better.


All are welcome here!

This Lent our theme is "Wandering Heart" from A Sanctified Art LLC, sanctifiedart.org. As Sanctified Art states, we are focusing on the life and faith of one of Jesus' most famous disciples, Peter. In Peter, we see a person who is both steadfast and unsteady, a dear friend and a betrayer, a follower and a wanderer. In Peter we often see ourselves. By following Peter's journey, we watch the story of Jesus unfold through the eyes of a very normal human trying to figure it all out, just like us. 


In this series we want to affirm that faith is a constant journey of steadfast pursuit, one that ebbs and flows, seeks and wanders. We want to affirm that wandering is exploration, not necessarily distance from God. This Lent, we will look for ourselves in the stepping stones of Peter's story. We will reflect on the stages of our own faith journeys as well as who and what has shaped us along the way. 


February 18 - First Sunday in Lent

Wandering Heart: "Jesus Sought Me"


February 25 - Second Sunday in Lent

Wandering Heart: "Rescue Me From Danger"


March 3 - Third Sunday in Lent

Wandering Heart: "Praise the Mount"


March 10 - Fourth Sunday in Lent

"I'm Fixed Upon It"


March 17 - Fifth Sunday in Lent

Wandering Heart: "Teach Me"


March 24 - Palm Sunday

Wandering Heart: "Songs of Loudest Praise"