Forward Through the Ages


IUCC was founded in 1852 when W.G. Hubbard donated five acres of land "for the sole and exclusive use of erecting a house thereon for religious worship and a burying ground."  A group of 13 farmers organized a congregation and plans to build a house of worship. 

The first building was completed in 1853 and served as church, school and parsonage. Over the years changes have been made such that the building and the cemetery are all that remain from the orginial property.

The church's denomination has changed from Evangelical, to Evangelical and Reformed, to the current United Church of Christ. 

A new building was dedicated on February 3, 1868 and serves as the focus of worship today.

The earliest settlers in the region were largely from New York and New England. After 1848, German immigrants arrived in large numbers. 

In 1888 the churchs reed organ was replaced with a new pipe organ at a cost of $950. In 1982, Berghaus Organ Company of Bellwood, Illinois rebuilt the organ and found no clues as to its original builder. The pipe organ continues to reside in our church santcuary, contributing to the traditional atmoshphere of our worship space.

On July 3, 1933, a tornado struck the area and the church steeple was so seriously damaged that it had to be replaced. It's location was moved and a basement was added to the church at that time.

At the church's Annual Meeting in January 1959 the members voted to name the church Immanuel Church, United Church of Christ, in Hanover Township, Elgin, Illinois.